Spain; 17th – 26th February;

Our first trip to Spain with part of the fab 5 that we met in Nepal, exciting…

Cant believe how quick the flight was to start this off lol also so much to see and do…

loved the ruggy mountainous landscape it was really going to help with my backgrounds.

We originally went with the notion to hopefully see the illusive rare stunning Iberian Lynx, sadly it didn’t happen as just ran out of time on this occasion but saying that we actually come away with a lot more than expected!

We went on 3 amazing walks;

The Alhama Granada Gorge also known as a jewel in the Nasrin crown, which was awesome, the high precarious rocks leering down above us at one point, the path took us higher you as we walked further through the mountains then reached a view point where we had an awesome view of all the old buildings directly infant of us but still at a distance, there was also couple of ruins which had such character and story plus a lot of history. The town is perched above a gorge surrounded by fertile fields and rolling countryside of olive and almond groves, the whole area is a joy to walk through and in a way its like stepping back in time with its traditional charm.

It is a place that has inspired poets and travellers alike throughout the centuries. The romantic traveller Teofilo Gauier summed its existence as ‘hanging on an enormous rock or peak like an eagles nest’.

The newly reformed Caminito del Rey, also known as El Caminito del Rey (in English means The King’s little Walkway), thats why also known as the Kings Walk, plus to the king Alfonso XIII crossing the walkways back in 1921.

The walkways was built to provide workers at the hydroelectric power plants at Chorro Falls and Gaitanejo Falls with a means to cross between them, to provide transporting materials and to help to undergo inspection and maintenance of the channel.

It was and still on the internet as Spain’s most dangerous hike, which we definitely saw how it got renowned for that as they have left the old paths below the new ones, which I think is such a great idea, pretty hairy for sure! For me this was my favourite as at points you are 350ft in the air. The new paths around the mountains is art in itself! Looks incredible with the colour of the paths and the rock of the mountains. At points you feel smaller than an ant, so vast and rolling mountains with lots of forest  and a beautiful coloured river that flows through in between. The colour is like the glacier water we saw in New Zealand!

The walkway is pinned along steep walls of a narrow gorge in ElChorro, near Ardales in the province of Malaga, Spain.

It has a ever changing landscape and views as you go along. Whats nice is that even though you have to book, once you are let through you can take your time and go what ever speed your comfortable with, its awesome! So awesome, that I wanted to go around again for the spectacular views and was exhilarating! We were lucky for dry spells, the sun was out whole time as this walk does close in bad weather. There has been fatalities prior to the reform, there is a remembrance plaque on the walk.

The third one was lot more strenuous but well worth it! It was a guided walk to the top of La Maroma from Competa, a beautiful scenic little town.

La Moroma is the highest mountain in the province of Malaga, 2067 m high and was a reasonable price of 17,50 euros, which includes the transfer and guide.

There’s spectacular views when you get to the top and there was an extra surprise to be greeted by wild horses when we reached the top! Also there was a group of Ibex there to which was awesome! The walk is like walking the roof of the world!

The walk was a day.

The guide drove us to an altitude of 1600 metres in an awesome landrover (one definitely needs a landrover getting up the steep slopes and sharp angles the off road tok us) then we ascend and descend about 500 metres on foot.

Very picturesque! We saw lots of Ibex which was a treat! Also in places there was still snow!

We also went on various local walks around different places, a walkers heaven!

Was very pretty especially with the white traditional Spanish houses and lines of olive grows and vineyards, such character.

We saw Hoopoe several occasions and lots of other birds.

I love the Spanish language, I spoke some basics as Brian taught us, well very basic I spoke but I tried, I asked for the bill and coffees haha, the locals loved the fact we were trying, I could get use to that and the life style!

I managed to get some awesome new photo reference to draw from, they include pics of Iberian wolves, their natural habitats, scenery, landscapes, traditional Spanish buildings, ruins and lots of domestic cats!

Awesome for me as being a member of the Society of Feline Artists, I couldn’t believe how many strays were around, but the Spanish looked after them.

We also visited the incredible Caves of Nerja, ‘Cueva de Nerja’ a cavern with unusual stalactites and stalagmites, its so cool and HUGE inside! There is historic paintings that are preserved, so you don’t get to see them but the paintings are on different things you can purchase in their giftshop. And again lots of history and how the caves have changed over the millions of years ago. The caves had been inhabited by many different species including the cave hyena which used the caves alongside the earliest human inhabitants, incredible! They know this due to the fossils and bones that have been found.

I was surprised how warm it was in the caves, I was expecting to freeze!

It was well worth the visit!

Also a bonus of the time we went, on our last day in Spain we went to see the Nerja festival, this festival commemorates the Sardine, the burial of fish. It was an awesome parade! There was a dj playing in a marquee to was wicked! So had a lil dance, be rude not too as was right up mum and I street!

Nerva is a beautiful resort town along the southern Spain’s Costa del Sol. Its seafront promenade, Balcon de Europa, tops a promontory with breath taking views of the mediterranean and surrounding mountains with sandy beaches and cliffside coves below.

Hope you enjoy the pics and the read.