Banham Zoo - since 1999

A collection of my framed prints are hanging in the 'Trading Post' coffee shop within the zoo. 
A percentage of all sales goes directly to the animals in their care and wildlife conservation; including their many amazing external conservation projects that they support. 
The Zoological Society of East Anglia (ZSEA) is a charitable trust, dedicated to conservation, animal welfare and education.

Snow Leopard Trust - since 2010

An awesome charity undertaking lots of ground work too and it is a privilege to be one of their Partners. Lovely people working here.
The snow leopard, 'Snow cat' is an amazing agile cat which is critically endangered and in need of as much support as it can to help secure its future. Its huge beautiful tail helps them balance as they are up steep mountains and this plays a vital role when hunting the goats. Incredible adaptable cats.
The Snow Leopard Trust has programs and staff in 5 countries in Central Asia and support from around the world. These countries are key as together they contain over 75% of the worlds population of wild snow leopards. This charity a leader in the effort to secure the future of the snow leopard. They have conservation programs which encourages and empowers people who live in the cats habitat to help protect their local wildlife and their ecosystems. Education and research play a huge role as the research into this endangered cat informs effective conservation techniques to save it.
The snow leopard trust works with governments, businesses and international organisations to implement conservation approaches, which I think is key too.
They have made much progress including GPS collars collecting an unprecedented amount of data, tracking cubs with their mother and migrating snow leopards.
To read more on their progresses please follow the link to their website;

Guide Dogs - since 2004

I have been sponsoring the guide dogs puppies since 2012. 
I was at the Destinations show as an exhibitor at Earls Court and a guide dogs guy come around and I couldn't resist! 
Guide dogs are so invaluable, changing lives, so many amazing touching stories. 
I am now on my forth pup. I hope you enjoy the pupdate photos in which I have received, I love receiving these in the post, a lovely touch to sponsoring a pup.
To read more about the Guide Dogs please follow the link below to their website;

Cheetah Conservation Fund

The Cheetah Conservation Fund is another amazing charity making a difference.
Cheetahs are an endangered species facing multiple threats. Like many species now facing habitat loss, wildlife trade and human wildlife conflict. They run conservation programmes to protect the cheetah in the wild. With thanks to these programmes, such as education, livestock guarding dogs, habitat solutions and raising awareness, Namibia now has the highest population of cheetahs in the world!
To read more please follow the link below to go to their website;

Linton Zoo - since 2001

This zoo collects all used stamps. We have been posting our stamps to them for years now as it go towards helping tortoises and turtles.
Please don't throw away your stamps, please find somewhere where they can be of use and what a better way than finding a place that they are used in helping endangered species.

The Wildlife Trusts - since 2000

The Wildlife Trust is a great charity and I recommend everyone to join their local wildlife trust. Caring and protecting your wildlife and wild places.
I am a member, as well as locally I have had several solo exhibitions at my local centre and I donated a percentage of the sales to the trust. Lovely places to visit and see nature all around you, wildlife experiences, protectecting and preserving nature, so important.
To read more and find out more centres you can visit, follow the link to their website below;

Sumatran Orangutan Society

I did a tandom skydive for this charity and worn my '94% orang-utan' top...

David Shepherd Wildlife foundation (DSWF) - since 2006


Tiger Time

Helping Rhinos

World Land Trust